Murky Red is a Belgian based band founded in 2009, who combines elements of classic rock, prog rock, blues, stoner, and metal in their music.

If their musical style was a human life form, it would be the love child of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, and Led Sabbath. Slayer and Monty Python were the nannies.

“What it comes down to for us is that we really dig what we’re doing, and we’ve reached music lovers from all over the globe. There’s nothing better than bringing our music to the people”.

Murky Red take you back to a time when music was not as fractured into a entire forest of sub genres and take the listener back to a time when rock was not only fun for the recording band or artist but fun for their audience as well.

Rene Marteaux 01
Petri Lemmy Lindstrom 02