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MRR was established in 2004 by Nick Katona with the aid of his wife Jennifer starting its journey as a free standing brick and mortar music store selling Compact Discs, Vinyl and assorted music memorabilia in 2004, located in a quaint New England style town at 34 College Street Clinton, New York. Nick has been in the music business in one form or another for over 30 years, and continues his tradition of exploring new avenues of bringing new music to the willing music listener.
Artists on Melodic Revolution Records


MRR is becoming known around the world as a progressive label, not only because we have many great prog bands on our label but because we are always on the outside looking in, thinking outside of the box. Our goal has always been to bring the world the best new music. No two bands on our label sound alike for good reason; music should not be copied but created new and original.
Murky Red on Melodic Revolution Records

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