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  • Rockelingen festival 2013

    Rockelingen festival 2013

    Some great moments during the Rockelingen concert. We had to end the concert way too soon due to a massive thunderstorm which nearly destroyed our instruments.

  • Murky Red backstage

    Murky Red backstage

    If you would like to meet us backstage, just send us e-mail on the contact page. You can always expect the unexpected...

  • Concert in Munster

    Concert in Munster

    One of our best concerts was absolutely the one in Munster, Germany. Top audience, and the most rocky people we have ever met!

  • Mat Cat

    Mat Cat

    The track 'Black Beast rising' from the cd 'Time Doesn't Matter' has been written especially for him, who supported Murky Red in so many ways! It has a very Pink Floydish sound, but in a Murky way. Mat Cat has been the sponsor for their cd, T-shirts,... He also founded the Murky Red Fanclub Deutschland and handles lots of stuff related to Germany. We can't thank him enough for all what he did for Murky Red, and still does! Cat is not only our biggest fan, but he really makes part of the Murky crew and helps us with great ideas and advice. Besides being the president of the German Murky Red fanclub, Mat Cat is also DJ on SQRR Rockradio.

Rockelingen festival 2013Murky Red backstageConcert in MunsterMat Cat

Floydian atmosphere

Murky Red is a band that first and foremost has a Floydian atmosphere. What sets this band apart from many others exploring similar waters is the emphasis they have on the blues though. There’s a firm emphasis on blues oriented musical details through and through, and by the string based instruments in particular. Gary Moore is mentioned as an influence by the band themselves, but throw in some Mark Knopfler and Chris Rea to that pool of names as well, the former perhaps more than the latter. 

The Doors? Black Sabbath?

They do venture out into slightly psychedelic oriented waters at times though, but when doing so they come across as a band much closer to The Doors actually, but the deep-timbered vocals and distinct delivery of Stef Flaming just as much responsible for that association as the instrument part of the arrangements admittedly. Murky Red will also take on a harder edged expression at times, and on compositions such as Boots For Hire name-dropping Black Sabbath as an influence.