Murky Red is a Belgian rock band founded in 2010.

Their music is a modern blend of rock styles with a 70s feel and a Floydian plus bluesrock atmosphere.

In general you could describe the style of this band as one that by and large is Pink Floyd influenced. Dark, melancholic guitar textures combined with longing, light toned guitar soloing in warm, organic arrangements. Subtle but clever use of keyboards. They do venture out into slightly psychedelic oriented waters at times though, coming across as a band much closer to The Doors actually. But the deep-timbered vocals and distinct delivery of Stef Flaming are just as much responsible for that association as the instrument part of the arrangements. Murky Red will also take on a harder edged expression at times, such as Boots For Hire (name-dropping Black Sabbath as an influence).

What sets this band apart from many others exploring similar waters is the emphasis they have on the blues though. There’s a firm emphasis on blues oriented musical details through and through, and by the string based instruments in particular. One might say that Murky Red is a Pink Floyd inspired band that have opted to replace the cosmic instrument details with the blues.

Murky Red live at RockelingenIn February 2012 Murky Red signed with the record label Melodic Revolution Records, based in Orlando, Florida, USA and released their debut album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ on the 27th of November 2012.

In 2013 Murky Red published the video of “Black Beast Rising”, a track from their debut album, on Youtube. Considering all their influences, Murky Red wisely focuses on their strengths and passion: the music. From the chilling instrumental opening, to the glorious raging darkness of the closing bars, “Black Beast Rising” presents the band is in all its musical glory.

The song has a dark haunting quality to it. It’s moving through several interesting parts that never sound dull or forced. The beauty of this band’s sound is that it’s very visual and evocative. In particular the second half, is one phenomenal stretch of spine-tingling music. Keyboards, drums, bass, and guitars blend wonderfully to create beautiful soundscapes. Stef Flaming’s spectacular guitar solo cries, whispers and howls throughout the entire journey.