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Corvus Stone Logo

Stef wrote the track ‘Jussipussi’ for the first album of Corvus Stone. Their second album has just been released and contains a cover of the track ‘Boots For Hire’ from Murky Red, also written by Stef. Stef sings and plays on both tracks as guest.

Corvus Stone’s album ‘Corvus Stone II’ has been released on the 30th of September 2014. You can buy the digital version or order your copy and get the digital version immediate download as an extra treat! Listen and buy here.

But who are Corvus Stone you might think?

A band comprised of individuals, all with their own unique styles and approaches. You want predictability & an obvious theme on an album, you will not find it here (Or will you?). If you enjoyed radio stations like the ones that existed in the good old days (anything and everything), you will enjoy what you find here! They really do mix it up.

If you want to like what you hear in the first 30 seconds, again… look elsewhere but if you want music to grow on you as you get to know it, Corvus Stone’s music does exactly that.

There is melodic content 100% of the time in everything they do. Sometimes there is singing, sometimes not.

They invite an array of guests to join them on their albums and The Minstrel’s Ghost, BLAKE CARPENTER on Vocals, has become a true band member.

From the band themselves:

We are indeed labelled as progressive rockers but our albums are not “in” that genre in a normal sense. We don’t fit any other genre and in my book, that means we default to the genre called “prog”.
Listen to each track as tho’ it is a single track. Once you “get” it, you should find that the album really flows and makes complete sense. It seems to get deeper and more involved as it moves along. We can promise that YOUR favorite track will not be the same as the next guy’s. 

Our rules are simple.
We don’t try to sound like anyone.
We don’t try to NOT sound like anyone.
We don’t try to be different.
We don’t try to fit any mould & we will never do what reviewers suggest we do.
We enjoy and put a lot of thought into every second of everything we do.

Hardcore members:

Colin Tench: guitars
Petri Lemmy Lindström: bass guitar
Pasi Koivu: keyboards
Robert Wolff: drums

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Transmission Rails is an international rock music project of John Moulder (USA), Stef Flaming (Belgium) and Colin Tench (Sweden).

John and Stef ‘met’ each other on Facebook somewhere at the end of 2012. Soon they discovered that they had the same musical taste. John listened to Stef’s band ‘Murky Red’ and he loved what he heard. An idea came up in his mind.

But nothing happened, not yet.

The more John and Stef talked with each other, the more they realized that they shared the same musical preferences, humour, vision,… John wanted Stef to write the music for his lyrics, so one day in 2013, he sent Stef the first lyrics, soon followed by lots of other ones, asking him: ‘okay mate, make something great out of it’.

It was a challenge for Stef, who’s used to write his own lyrics. But he liked the way John writes, and knew immediately that he never could write such poetry as John does. In the beginning it was hard, because Stef used to write the music before the lyrics, and John’s poetry consisted in long and short sentences, which were not easy to go along with the music. But as soon as they knew how to proceed, they started to work as a great team. John adapted his lyrics to the music, Stef adapted the music to the lyrics.

But Stef was also thinking to involve another musician. He didn’t have to think twice: it had to be Colin, his long time friend and top guitarist. Colin and Stef never needed much words to understand each other, and so Colin added his guitar parts to the tracks. The combination of these three talents proved a hit: John, Stef and Colin realized that they created something unique. And their child got his own name: ‘Transmission Rails’. A new band was born.

The first track, the rock ballad ‘Books’, is with living legend Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles, CSNY, John Lennon etc) as guest drummer. ‘Books’ is for sale on the website of Melodic Revolution Records and on the website of Transmission Rails.

John Moulder started writing poetry in 1979 which developed into songwriting stints in Nashville in the early 2000’s. His work has been described by readers as some of the most beautiful they’ve ever read.

Stef Flaming who got inspired by the great classic rock bands from the 60’s and the 70’s since he was a teen, started to write his own songs which developed into a unique style, a blend of classic rock, prog and metal. Currently he is also the singer/guitarist in the band Murky Red for who he writes the music, and bassist in the band Oceans 5.

Colin Tench played in the early 80′s in a band called Odin of London, formed a new band, Bun Chakeze, now using the moniker BunChakeze. Colin is also involved in bands such as Corvus Stone (co-writer and guitarist) and Oceans 5 (guitarist).

There are plans in the make for cooperation with other guest musicians.

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Oceans 5 Logo

When you think of Progressive music, you are unlikely to imagine a 200 year old tune with sea shanty lyrics.  However, “Prog” is exactly what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached Progressive musician Colin Tench from  Bunchakeze  and  Corvus Stone with the idea.They assembled an unlikely band, purely to record this one song. They produced a version unlike any version of The Mingulay boatsong heard before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version.

This lineup clearly had great chemistry and despite the fact that they were all busy with their own bands, all agreed that this band has something to say.

Andy has a great feel for songwriting and Oceans 5 have proved to be rather good at twisting those songs into a whole new form. From bouncy sing-along to slightly epic rock.

The first album “Return to Mingulay” could be considered a progressive/folk rock album in that good old fashioned crossover style. Nothing too clever, just oceans of melodies, a duck and fun, with a lot of content for those who listen out for it. The playing does not get in the way of the songs.

There are 5 core members in Oceans 5 and although they are all influenced by progressive music, all have very different approaches to composition and style. That combination has resulted in songs that really don’t sound like anyone else. The music owes more to the “anything goes” 1970s than the finely tuned precision of recent times.  There are clearly echoes of The Strawbs, Pink Floyd and even Thin Lizzy here.

Core members:

Andy John Bradford: vocals and 12-string guitar.
Colin Tench from Sweden, plays guitar (& makes the most silly noises)
Stef Flaming
  The mastermind behind Rock band “Murky Red” in Belgium, plays bass (& makes some deep and annoying noises).
Victor Tassone from New York, founder member of the progressive “Unified past” plays drums (& makes some noises that actually hurt).
Marco Chiappini from Rome “Gandalf’s Project” plays keyboards (& did some completely pointless noises).

Very special guests on the album ‘Return to Mingulay’:

Lorelei McBroom: Lorelei has that unique ability to sing “Great gig in the sky”, as heard by anyone who witnessed Pink Floyd live on stage from 1989, or own the “Live in Venice” DVD. All that emotion can be heard on the single “6000 friends”.

Andres Guazzelli  earned a college degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque composing. He is heard playing Piano and adding a little orchestral magic on Fly away and 6000 friends.

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