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Album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’

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Album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’

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Our new album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’.

The long awaited new album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ has been released October 26, 2015  by Melodic Revolution Records. Colin Tench did the mixing and mastering and is also guest guitar player on ‘Collateral Damage’. Here below the cover and back of the booklet.

Booklet cover and back


Corvus Stone and their cover from ‘Boots for Hire’

This cover makes part of Corvus Stone’s album ‘Corvus Stone II”.

Their amazing album is for sale on Bandcamp

Corvus Stone is a band comprised of individuals, all with their own unique styles and approaches. You want predictability & an obvious theme on an album, you will not find it here. If you enjoyed radio stations like the ones that existed in the good old days, you will enjoy what you hear!

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