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These are the Very Important Peeps for Murky Red. They are all crucial for the band! Just like all our fans and friends, for who we have set up a photo gallery, tab Friends & Fans. 

Our Guru Colin Tench

Colin_TenchBeing with us since we started with Murky Red, Colin guided us, nourished our brains and supported us in so many ways. He is our guru and Godfather. Our beacon in the dark. And so much more!!

All the people who had the honour to meet him and/or speak with him know his legendary sense of humour (that dry English humour, although he claims that he’s Mexican…). There’s no one who can get away with words as good as Colin. But Colin is much more than silly, hilarious talks.

He did the mixing and mastering of our album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ and will do the same with our next album. He’s in fact the only one who we really trust with our music. He knows what we want and how we want it. We have the same vision. You can also hear him on our track ‘Heal my Bleeding Heart’, where he plays a duo solo with Stef.

Want to know more about him? Read below.

From Colin Tench himself:

I love music. I hate music by numbers. I didn’t even try actually playing an instrument till I was 22.
I never really became any good at it either. I am a weird “guitarist” I can’t pick one up and knock out a tune. I really don’t like any kind of folk or roots music as such. I like music with a hell of a lot going on, so what I do is find a secret place in the music to add real content. Take away the rest of the band and you will hear diconnected notes and noises with the occasional chord from me. It only has any worth inside the whole piece.  There is no doubt that music needs no rules or boundaries. My approach is my own but it seems to work!

It all started for real in 1981, in London with Odin.
1981-1985: ODIN . We were continuously gigging for 3 years. Digital album release 2011

1985 – 1986: BUNCHAKEZE: was formed with Gary Derrick and Cliff Deighton of Odin. We recorded the album WHOSE DREAM? Nobody was interested in it and we sort of stopped.  CD release 2010

1986-2010: A 24 year break! 2010: After that nice rest, two albums from Odin and BunChakeze were finally released.
2011: Picked up the guitar again. Figured out 4 chords (Prog) and am now fully active recording with the following rather amazing and diverse bands:

CORVUS STONE: Almost totally instrumental. Progressive and atmospheric with jazz funk leanings. Our first 80 minute album was released in Dec 2012. It is now in the top 100 crossover prog releases of all time.CORVUS STONE II released September 2014: Featuring, Sean Filkins, Phil Naro, German Vergara and more! on progarchives

THE MINSTREL’S GHOST : with Blake Carpenter. Zoltan Csörsz Jr(Ex Flower Kings) on drums. The road to Avalon is becoming a great success!

OCEAN’S 5 : Progressive Folk? We are a 5 piece with special guests – Pink Floyd’s Lorelei McBroom and Andres Guazzelli. Album “Return to Mingulay” released October 2013.

COLIN TENCH PROJECT : With Gary derrick (BunChakeze), Vic Tassone (Unified Past) & Marco Chiappini(Oceans 5 & Gandalf’s Project) + very special guest Phil Naro (Talas, Drive, Druckfarben). Classic prog and accoustic so far.

TRANSMISSION RAILS : With Stef Flaming (Murky Red, Oceans 5), John Moulder and Special guest on drums – Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles, CSNY, John Lennon etc)

Andres Guazzelli and Colin Tench: Progressive with a classical basis. Also an album is planned. Wish you would listen!

See more at:

Our 7th band member, our sponsor and President of our German fanclub, Mat Cat

Mat Cat - Marie

Mat Cat got hooked on us (or we on him) from the first time that he heard our track ‘Heal My Bleeding Heart’ on the radio. ‘As if struck by lightning’, he said. He made us so proud!

Since then our ways never parted. He was our main sponsor for our first CD ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’, of which the 11th track ‘Black Beast Rising’ has been especially written for him.

He joins us on lots of concerts. A concert without him would feel like we’d miss our 7th band member. He encourages us, or kicks our asses if he feels like we need that (we do, but don’t tell him). He’s one of us, so we think that he deserves to be pestered just like we do with all the other Murkies. Or vice versa.

After the release of ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’, Mat Cat started the Murky Red Fan Club Deutschland. Brilliant, a true German fan club! He speaks German. We don’t. So he does all the work on the Facebook page of the fan club. This makes us feel like rock stars, until the lawn has to be mowed or the dog throws up.

In 2014 he started as DJ on SQRR Radio (Germany). Early 2015 he moved his show to Shadow Radio (Germany) and during his weekly show (every Wednesday from 8pm till 11pm CET time) he always plays Murky Red. We can’t thank him enough for this!
This radio station even has a chat room, where you can often find a lost Murkie, or more than one, talking silly stories. It fits, as the DJ is as silly as we are.


Juju on Air

DJane Juju

Also a DJ on Shadow Radio (Germany) who always plays our music: Juju, known as DJane Juju. Each Tuesday evening from 8 till 11pm CET time. Just like Mat Cat she also joins us on nearly every concert! She also does an important part of our promotion, and created quite some designs for us.

We love her and we will always hug her (for more than 1 reason, hum hum…).

Our photographer Josee Dauwdruppel


Josee joins us on every concert, which is handy, because we’re always insured that we’ll have good pictures.

Less handy is that she also takes pictures from us when we don’t want it. So when we’re busy sorting out the material, we’re laughing at each other with all the funny faces and poses, and trying desperately for NOT having them published. Which is sometimes a good way of taking revenge, haha!

On the picture Josee in her normal position. Laying on her back making photos. We’re used to see her like this. We were really surprised that she even can walk!

Josee, thanks for all your precious time that you already have put in the Murkies. And we’re sorry (we’re not in fact…) for all the times that we played with your feet.