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Great radio 24/7, with real music, recommended by Murky Red

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J-Rock’s an ex-touring rocker and music industry professional from Jersey. Patty’s a former broadcaster from Connecticut, and has worked in television in Greece. Now based in Central Florida, this high level DJ team cram a giant show into a one hour fireball. It kicks off with the ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ competitions. They raise the goblet and send you on a Dungeon Tour that spans 4 decades of rock/metal music. They also mix in the best, and coolest, unsigned rock/metal bands. Many superstars and giants of the music industry always stop in for live interviews as well. Rock Solid Pressure is also sponsored by some of the biggest names in the music biz. Check it out!!

Welcome to the House Of Prog, your home for progressive music and more…Featuring the only vinyl show on the web!


Mix 93.8 Fm is a community radio station which seeks to entertain, inspire and inform.
With a host of talented DJ Presenters and Music Specialists, they play great music and provide a variety of informative shows to inspire, educate and inform.

Radio Benelux

The weekly Durango Sessions on Radio Benelux are a delight to the ear for each music lover. Some enthusiastic young people work together with experienced professionals Marc Haselaars and Johan Rymen for an incredible live rock program. In three years time three hundred groups played live in their show. Each Tuesday evening from 8.00pm till 11.00pm


DJ FREGER > GLOBETROTTER MIXES (Globetrotter Mix, Globetrotter Country Mix, NL-VL Uurtje)

‘A Non-Stop Mix Of Independent- and Hitmusic Old & New’ from over the whole world’

FAME Music Radio – Johannesburg (South Africa)
Time schedule: Time = UTC+2
Listen via stream:


Sundays 6-9pm CT Music in Widescreen LIVE w/ Mark and Rayna Mondays 9-11.30 CT Prog Britannia LIVE with Stacy Doller Tuesdays 7-10pm CT Progressive Rock LIVE w/ Kind Stranger Wednesdays 5-8pm CT When Prog and Power Unite LIVE w/ Nick Andreas Thursdays 8am – noon CT Discovering Prog in High Heels LIVE w/ Jennifer Houston Saturdays 9-11:00am CT The Spirit of Prog LIVE w/ DJ Noah Daily Noon – 1pm CT New At Noon.

rockradio-be They like it hard and loud. No talk, just music. A great selection of modern Rock, Grunge, Hard rock, Metal and Punk rock. 24/7 and you know where to find them.


What is Progressive Music? Is it heavy? Complex? Simple? Is it metal? Folk Music? Math Rock? Shredding? Death Metal? Is is Zappa or Between the Buried and Me? Is it The Beatles or Dream Theater? Is it all of the above? This is what they do @ Progtology 101. Similar to other boards, they can draw comparisons, have battles and discuss all things Prog with people who just love music, no matter how complex or simple it may be.


Knysna FM is Knysna’s own commercial radio station, but one that is here to entertain and inform the Knysna population, both residents and tourists. The format of the Station is 80% music and 20% talk, with the language being mainly English, but a fair sprinkling of Afrikaans. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the heart of Knysna on 97.0FM and world wide on Join Wayne (Mr. G-Spot) every Tuesday and Wednesday evening!

The Mat Cat Show on, every 2 weeks on Thursday from 8pm till 10pm. Prog & Indie, Rock & Metal, Symphonic Rock, Classic Masterpieces, NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte / New German Hardness), Blues.


Welcome to ISKC Webradio. 24/7 non stop Rock Music. Their station is hosted by Radionomy. Radionomy is paying all the rights that are compulsory for making Internet Radio. For Progressive & Symphonic Rock Music Listening Link: 

Welcome to SH ROCK! Just A Little Off Center. Join Rob, Richard, Jawdy and others for classic rock mixed with new music you ain’t never heard! SH ROCK cranks up 24/7/365 for your awaiting eardrums.

The Dutch treat

The Dutch Treat is a weekly item on Jawdy’s Basement, which is hosted by Jordan Borenstein. Jawdy’s Basement is on air every thursday-evening live on SHmedia from New Jersey. The show presents you all the best in rock, hard rock and progressive rock. In “the Dutch Treat“, presented to you by Wouter van Hal from the Netherlands, we promote unknown Dutch and European progressive rock- and metalacts to the world.


MuseBoat Radio is 24/7 internet radio broadcasting station playing the best music from all around the world.

Aiir radio is one of the longest running most diverse & most supportive radio stations we know. They have done a huge amount for many artists.