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Stef Flaming


Guitarist – Lead Vocals

Stef has a trash metal background, Slayer will be one of his all time favorites bands, but as songwriter for Murky Red he’s influenced by Pink Floyd, The Doors, Black Sabbath. As guitarist, David Gilmour, Toni Iommi, Mack Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmi Paige are his major influences. Beside all this, Frank Zappa is his true God.

Rene Marteaux



Rene started drumming at the age of 16, mostly metal and hardcore oriented music in bands such as Who-Cares and Contagion, each with their own repertoire. He also played in the coverband Stormbringer where they played covers from mainly Thin Lizzy to Metal Church. Influences from AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Life of Agony, Tool and Dream Theater.

Yolanda Flaming


Keys – Backing Vocals

Starting with playing the guitar at the age of 12 Yolanda discovered her great passion for the music, and soon she got influenced by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, CCR, Jon and Vangelis, Todd Rundgren, The Rolling Stones (their early music),… Been in a few bands such as K’Dev she realized that she prefers to play the keyboards instead of the guitar.

Marie Vancamp


Backing Vocals – Percussion

Born with a microphone in her hand, Marie developed a preference for gospel, and artists such as Mahalia Jackson and Etta James,… But her musical influences also include a much wider range: Edith Piaf, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Status Quo, Doe Maar, Pachelbel, The Sex Pistols, Kate Bush, The Rolling Stones,…


Murky Red is a Belgian based band founded in 2009, who combines elements of classic rock, prog rock, blues, stoner, and metal in their music. If their musical style was a human life form, it would be the love child of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, and Led Sabbath. Slayer and Monty Python were the nannies.

In 2011 they signed a record deal with the Florida based record label Melodic Revolution Records, and thanks to the support of Martin Smith (they call him the seventh band member) they were able to release their debut album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ in 2012, mixed and mastered by Colin Tench (Corvus Stone, Transmission Rails, Oceans 5, Coalition, CTP), who also became an additional band member actually.

In 2013 the band got screwed by a Canadian promoter/manager. To make a long and annoying story short, this had a big negative effect on the fundraising campaign for their second album. They lost a lot of money, time and effort, but the band kept on moving and continued writing new songs.

After a nasty period of serious illness and the loss of loved ones, Murky Red was ready to strike again with their second album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’, released on October 26, 2015 by Melodic Revolution Records. Colin Tench did once again a fantastic mixing and mastering job, and he added some majestic guitar parts on ‘Collateral Damage’, one of the new songs on the album.

After the release of the album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’, Patrick and Luk left the band for personal reasons. That was the time to reconsider the future of the band, as the struggle to work with a live band became more difficult. In June 2016 Murky Red decided for not being a live band anymore.

With Stef & Yolanda Flaming and Rene Marteaux as the core members this new approach gives them more freedom for writing and recording new music and working with all kinds of guest musicians.

Murky Red is:
Stef Flaming: songwriting, guitars, keys & vocals
Rene Marteaux: drums
Marie Vancamp: vocals
Kim Mercken: vocals
Yolanda Flaming: vocals

Colin Tench: mixing and mastering and guest guitar player on ‘Heal My Bleeding Heart’ and ‘Collateral Damage’.